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Otomachi Una Talk Ex

Just enter the text or sentence, and hear Otomachi Una (Voice Source : Aimi Tanaka) read out loud! It really is that simple, and can be used for any of your purposes.

*Please note that this software is only compatible with Japanese OS and Install guide, Users guide, License Agreement and other guidelines are written in Japanese.



Otomachi Una Talk Ex is the text to speech software based on voice of Aimi Tanaka who is a Japanese voice actress.

Just enter the text or sentence, and hear Aimi Tanaka read out loud. AITalk(R), the composition engine by AI(AI, Inc.), is used in Otomachi Una Talk Ex.

You can experience high-quality corpus base speech synthesis, natural and human-like. Otomachi Una Talk Ex is quite versatile and can work for many different purposes, the narration in a video, the voice message in an answering machine, as the proofreader, the speaker of an audio book and many others. Over 300 sound materials of emotion, call out voices, imitative sound, and etc. are included.

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What is AITalk?

AITalkR is a high-quality speech synthesis solution , capable of flexible and natural human-like speech synthesis adopting human voices using corpus base speech synthesis.

Voice Source

Aimi Tanaka

Aimi Tanaka (born April 28th) is a Japanese voice actress. She won the award for Best Actress Performance in the 10th Seiyu Awards in 2016. Her work, especially Doma Umaru in Himouto! Umaru-chan met with a favorable reception among fans. Her other major career as a voice actress are Kui (UTOPA), Peipain (Show by Rock!!), Hiyori(WasimoWASIMO), and Marimo Kaburagi (Active Raid) etc.


OS Windows 7 SP1 (64bit/32bit) or later
*Japanese OS
CPU Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64
RAM More than 1GB(32bit) or 2GB(64bit)
Hard Disk Space 1GB(*)

Demo Movie

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