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VOCALOID4 Library Otomachi Una V4

Vocaloid4 Library Otomachi Una V4 is the virtual vocal library based on the voice of "Aimi Tanaka", a major voice actress in Japan.

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VOCALOID4 Library Otomachi Una V4 contains two libraries, "Sugar" and "Spicy". "Sugar" has sweet and pretty voice, and "Spicy" is dynamic and powerful. "Growl" and "Cross Synthesisis", big features of VOCALOID4 are compatible with these libraries.

You can create expressive music with 140 sample voices of great variety, include 17 types of breath data, voices of daily conversation dialogues, countdown numbers, cartoony onomatopoeia, etc.

*This is a Voice Bank product and cannot be used stand-alone; separate editor software such as the VOCALOID4 Editor (Windows only) or VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase is required.


OS Windows 7 (64bit/32bit) or later
Mac OS X 10.8 or later
CPU Intel Dual Core CPU
Hard Disk Space 3GB(*)

When using with VOCALOID4 Editor:
VOCALOID4 Editor's System Requirements

When using with VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase:
VOCALOID4 for Cubase's System Requirements

(*) This only includes the Library product. Editor and DAW software requires additional disk space.


Recommended Range Sugar: D2 - C5, Spicy: C2 - D5
Recommended Tempo 60 - 175 bpm

Demo Songs

Listen to sample songs (VOCALOID songs) that utilize the voice quality of VOCALOID4 Voice Banks.

Sugar & Spicy Kirai Kirai Jigahidai KurageP
Sugar & Spicy Sugar & Spicy
Fantastic Night Fantastic Night Nijihara Peperon

Visual Character

The virtual vocalist "Otomachi Una" is the character of VOCALOID4 Otomachi Una V4.
To use it, you must first agree to the following characters guidelines.

Voice Source

Aimi Tanaka
Her first lead role was title character "Umaru Doma" in the 2015 anime television series "Himouto! Umaru-chan". In 2016, she received the award for Best New Actress at the 10th Seiyu Awards. She provided her voice to various animation works, "UTOPA", "Lance N' Masques" and so on.